GWHS Seniors to Showcase MMA Fighting Skills


GWHS Seniors to Showcase MMA Fighting Skills

 This Saturday, October 22nd, two George Wythe High School seniors will enter the cage to test their fighting skills during Titans of the Cage III.

 Doug Williams and McKensey Heath are not only classmates, but they also share a close friendship that dates all the way back to their early elementary school years.

 These young men are “Cage Fighters” and the younger competitors of Mixed Martial Arts.  They can be found training four days a week at Southwest Martial Arts Academy, where they are members of Team SWMA.  While Williams and Heath share a passion for Mixed Martial Arts, they also share a tremendous work ethic and a passion for excellence.

Doug Williams serves as President of the GWHS senior class and ironically, Heath is the Vice-President.  Williams was recently crowned Homecoming King this past weekend during half-time of the GWHS and Chilhowie homecoming game.  

McKensey Heath currently has a 4.2 grade average and Williams a 4.0 grade average after the first six- weeks grading period.  Upon graduation, both young men will become United States Marines. 

In addition to excelling academically, the two young men share a great passion for the martial arts and both train together at Southwest Martial Arts Academy, in Wytheville.  Heath holds the rank of black belt in Tang Soo Do karate under Master Kimberly Ring and is currently an advanced level brown belt in Combat Jiu-Jitsu under 3rd degree black belt, Sensei Greg Ring. 

Williams also started studying karate as a youngster and earned his first two belts, but later became more involved in wrestling, which he has practiced for nearly 10 years.   He returned to Southwest Martial Arts upon entering high school where he has studied Jiu-Jitsu under Sensei Greg Ring. Williams will be testing for the rank of blue belt shortly after the upcoming cage fighting event.

Both Heath and Williams will put their martial arts skills to the test this Saturday night at Titans of the Cage III.  Heath, who is undefeated with a 2-0 record, will face Joseph Shearin of Henderson, NC.  Shearin is considered to be the most experienced young fighter in the Eastern United States.  Joseph Shearin, at age 18, has already had 14 fights inside the cage.   Williams who is 1-1 will face Aaron Davis, 1-1, of Wytheville.  Williams and Davis have been wrestling teammates for the past 4 years.

The two young men would like to invite the whole community to come out and learn more about the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, which according to Kimberly Ring, is often misunderstood.  Ms. Ring states, “There is often a misconception of MMA as being something violent.  MMA is definitely an extreme sport.  Few athletes would be able to endure the intensive training necessary to compete at this level.”  Ring continues, “These young men both set a strong and positive example for MMA.  I have little doubt the work ethic required of them in the gym has also been a huge factor in their academic successes.  Those witnessing their skills during TOC III will see confident and highly determined fighters.  Yet, every Thursday evening you will find them praising and encouraging a pre-school Jiu-Jitsu student at Southwest Martial Arts Academy, or helping a struggling student with their homework after school.”

The community is invited to support our local Mixed Martial Artist competing in Titans of the Cage III on Saturday, October 22nd at George Wythe High School, Wytheville, VA.  For more information please visit or call 276-405-1566.