TOC #4 Results (11-3-12)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

From George Wythe High School in Wytheville, Virginia

1) Dwayne Hamm (Pro Health Martial Arts/Mount Airy, N.C.) vs. Trevor Spencer (0-1, Independent/Wytheville, Va.)

Round 1 — The first fight of the night started out with no touch of the gloves as Spencer came out swinging. Nothing could hit home but he continued to set the pace of the fight. Hamm finally let his hands go and landed a solid one-two. Spencer stepped into his opponent and tried to put him into the cage. Hamm set a standing guillotine. Hamm jumped guard and brought his opponent to the mat with the guillotine set deep. As soon has Hamm’s back hit the mat, Spencer was choked unconscious and the ref stopped the fight.

WIN: Dwayne Hamm wins in round 1 by guillotine.


2) TJ Williams (Independent/ Saltville, Va.) vs. Chris Weaver (1-1, Independent/Marion, Va.)


Round 1 –This heavyweight match started with not touch. Weaver was the first to strike after circling briefly. Weaver threw two strikes then put his opponent into the cage and took him down. Williams landed in side but was caught in a guillotine. This didn’t stop him from throwing strikes to the exposed ribs of Weaver. Weaver managed to roll Williams and landed in mount. He rained down strikes from mount but was unable to finish from here. Williams rolled but Weaver ended up taking his back, set a Rear Naked Choke, and finished the fight from here.


WIN: Chris Weaver wins in round 1 by Rear Naked Choke.

3) Ron Vance (2-0, Absolute Jiu-Jitsu/Bristol, Tenn.) Chase Utt (0-1, Mt. Airy Combat & Fitness/Mt. Airy, N.C.)

Round 1 — Our third fight of the night started with a quick touch of the gloves then the hands immediately started to fly. both fighters threw strikes with Utt getting the better of the exchange. Vance weathered the blows and managed to get his opponents back to the cage. Vance took his opponenet to the mat and advanced to half guard. from here he tried to set a straight armbar but was unsuccessful. Utt managed to reverse the position and landed in the guard of his opponent. Vance rained down strikes but was caught in an armbar. He scooped Vance and tried to slam his way out of it but was unsuccessful in doing so. Vance held onto the armbar and rolled his opponent to his back. The ref called the fight but the decision to do so was not well liked by the fans because there was no sign of Utt tapping.

WIN: Ron Vance wins in round 1 by armbar.

4) Hannah Elswick (0-1, Independent/Tazewell, Va.) vs. Rayanne Harl (0-0, Team SWMA/Wytheville, Va.)

Round 1 — Our first female bout of the night started out with no touch as both girls came out swinging hard! Both girls landed big shots on the other but neither fell. Harl, after eatting one too many punches, shot in and took down Elswick. Elswick managed to set a guillotine before being taken to the mat but was unalble to finish the hold. Harl tried to make her way to mount but was unable to do so as Elswick sweeped her and ended up on top. Elswick landed a few shots from here but was unable to do any real damage before she was swept. This time, Harl was able to make it to mount and rained down strikes. Unable to finish with strikes, Harl set a cross choke that Elswick was unable to defend and ended up tapping to.

WIN:  Rayanne Harl wins in round 1 by cross choke.

5) Dillian Goad (Pro Health Martial Arts/Mt. Airy, N.C.) vs. James Rhoton (0-1, Team Advantage/Princeton , W.Va.)

Round 1 — This match startted quickly as Rhoton came out swinging, sending his opponent scurrying away. After realizing this was a fight, Goad threw a few strikes of his own but was unable to hit home. A brief clinch put the fighters into the cage but they quicly split. Rhoton continued to set the pace and landed a solid leg kick on the lead leg of Goad. They clinched again but Rhoton caught a knee to the groin. After catching his breath, they engaged again with Rhoton loooking for the takedown. Unable to do so, he gave up the hold tried throwing strikes again. Unable to land any strikes, Rhoton tried again for the takedown but ate a HUGE knee for his troubles. Goad was unable to capitalize on his staggered opponent and Rhoton regained his demeanor and managed to put Goad into the cage and take him down. Goad wasn’t going down easily as he swept Rhoton and landed in side, throwing punches and elbows as the round came to an end.

Round 2 – Goad was the first to strike this round but was taken down. Rhoton was tried to captialize but was unable to do so as Goad swept him and set a triangle from the top. From here, still holding onto the triangle choke, Goad rained down strikes to the exposed face of Rhoton. After landing several big shots, Goad rolled to his side, and finished the triangle choke from here as Rhoton tapped.

WIN: Dillian Goad wins in round 2 by Triangle Choke.

*3 youth grappling matches are next, followed by an intermission. will be back to you after the intermission.*


6) Gage Stanley (2-0, Absolute Jiu-Jitsu/Bristol, Tenn.) vs. Calvin Shook (Independent/Wytheville, Va.)

Round 1 — Our first fight after the intermission ended as quickly as it started. A quick touch followed by a stiff right jab from Stanley dropped Shook immediately. Stanley jumped on top of his downed opponent and managed to hit him two more times before the ref stopped this fight, only seconds into round 1.

WIN: Gage Stanly wins in round 1 by KO.

7) Nokomus Shearin (Team No Limit/Henderson, N.C.) vs. Micah Sheffey (2-0, Team SWMA/Wytheville, Va.)

Round 1 — Round 1 started with a quick touch of the gloves. Both fighters circled, feeling each other out and trying to find their range. Shearing landed a weak leg kick as he tried to find his range. Shearing threw a head kick that missed home. Sheffey shot in but was stuffed. He managed to take Shearin’s back but Shearin did a forward roll and set a knee bar that looked like it was about to snap the leg of Sheffey. Sheffey fought the hold long and hard as Shearin continued to crank the knee bar. Sheffey managed to break the hold and made his way to mount. He managed to land a few shots before Shearin rolled to his stomach. Sheffey took the back of Shearin and managed to set in a Rear Naked Choke that was set deep! Shearin fought the choke for as long as possible but ultimately tapped.

WIN:  Micah Sheffey wins in round 1 by Rear Naked Choke.

8) Charity Walker (0-1, Pro Health Martial Arts/Mt. Airy, N.C.) vs. Melissa Blyth (0-2, Team Advantage/Princeton, W.Va.)

Round 1 — No love shown by these ladies as the round started. Blyth landed a solid right hand that hit home but Walker answered with a cross elbow that clipped Blyth. Another big excange ensued by Walker getting the better of the strikes. Blyth answered with a few big shots of her own after Walker landed her strikes. Both ladies threw elbows but none hit home. A solid teep kick from Walker pushed Blyth back, but only briefly. Blyth came forward with strikes of her own. But it was Walker that ended up coming out on top as she threw a solid one-two combo that rattled Blyth. Seeing her opponent staggered, Walker advanced and landed several big combos that all hit home. Blyth’s hands dropped and Walker hit her a few more times before the ref stepped in to stop the fight due to strikes.

WIN:  Charity Walker wins in round 1 by TKO due to strikes.

9) Welterweight Top Contender Bout; Winner Fights T.R. Fowler for TOC Title

Leslie “Paco” Merris (2-1, Blue Ridge Kung Fu & Arnis Academy/Abingdon, Va.) vs. Tyler Smith (Absolute Jiu-Jitsu/Bristol, Tenn.)

Round 1 — Both fighters came out ready to strike. A quick touch and the action began. Smith came out with a body kick that barely caught Merris. Smith advanced and put Merris into the cage and went for the single leg takedown. Merris set a guillotine before being taken down but was unable to finish the hold. Smith made his way to mount but was unable to do anything before Merris rolled him and landed in Smith’s guard. Smith set a triagngle choke that looked deep. Merris scooped him and slammed him to the mat, breaking the triangle. Smith transitioned to an omoplata but was unable to finish the hold as Merris rolled before Smith could seatbelt him. Smith managed to maintain control after the roll and made his way back to mount. From here, Smith rained down strikes as Merris covered. Merris rolled onto his stomach, Smith took his back, set in his hooks, set the Rear Naked Choke, and finished the fight from here. His victory makes AJJ 3-0 for the night.

WIN: Tyler Smith wins in round 1 by Rear Naked Choke

10) Jesse Hamm (Pro Health Martial Arts/Mt. Airy, N.C.) vs. Daric Hawkins (Team No Limit/Henderson, N.C.)

Round 1 — Round 1 started with a quick touch followed by a stiff jab from each fighter, both hitting home. Hamm threw another punch, using it to set up a takedown. Hamm was successful with the takedown but landed in the guard of Hawkins. Hawkins attempted a triangle but was slammed by Hamm. After the slam, the fighters made it back the their feet and immediately clinched. Both fighters threw knees, with Hawkins getting the better of the strikes. Hamm managed to push Hawkins into the cage and broke the clinch. Hawkins set a standing schoolyard bully choke but was unable to finish the hold as Hamm picked him up and slammed him to the mat. Hamm went from side mount to full mount quickly and landed a few big shots before the horn sounded, ending the first round.

Round 2 — Round two started with no touch as Hamm came out with a teep kick that didn’t phase Hawkins. Hawkins answered the kick with several big shots of his own that staggered Hamm. Hawkins was unable to capitalize and Hamm got his bearings back. The fighters circled, neither moving in to striking distance. When they did make it into range, it was Hawkins that landed the big shots, but none big enought to topple Hamm. The fighters circled again, both occasionally throwing out feeler punches. Hamm tried to shoot in on his opponent but was caught in a standing guillotine that looked deep. Hamm broke the hold and clinched with Hawkins, pushing him into the cage. The crowd called for knees as Hamm had his hands on the back of Hawkins head, leaving his face exposed. Hamm answered the call and delivered a devastating knee that knocked Hawkins out cold, sending him toppling to the canvas. Seeing no need to add insult to injury, Hamm backed off of his opponent, knowing that he has won the match.

WIN: Jesse Hamm wins in round 2 by KO.

11) Vacant TOC Featherweight Title

Ayron Davis (1-2, Team Decimation/Wytheville, Va.) vs. James Ronsick (13-19, Asheboro, N.C.)

Round 1 — This title fight started out with a quick touch vollowed by Rosnick attempting a big head kick that caught the shoulder of Davis. Davis answered with a one-two-three combo, the first two shots hit home, but the third barely missed. Davis clinched and landed knees to the body before being taken down. Rosnick pulled guard and quickly set a triangle that Davis fought hard, delivering knees from this not so great position. Davis continued to fight the hold, striking and throwing knees when he could. Rosnick transitioned to an armbar, which Davis tried to roll out of but ended up with Rosnick on top of him, setting a triangle. Davis rolled but couldn’t break out of the triangle. Davis continued to fight hard but was unable to break the hold and ended up tapping.

WIN:  James Rosnick wins in round 1 by triangle choke.


12) Co-Main Event

160 Catchweight: Joseph Shearin (6-7, Team No Limit/Henderson, N.C.) vs. Mark Jones (Q&A) (6-2, Ironlock MMA & Rivera Fitness/Huntsville, Ala.)

Round 1 — For those that read the Q&A with Mark Jones, you know that this is a big grudge match between two great fighters. Mark Jones looked to avenge his first MMA loss against a very talented Joseph Shearin. Round 1 started with a quick touch of the gloves. The fighters circled, neighter striking. Shearin was the first to strike, throwing a big head kick that missed home. Jones answered with a headkick of his own that also missed its target. Jones advanced, throwing a one-two combo that knocked Shearing into the cage. Jones advanced, looking for the finish. Jones rained down strikes but Shearin managed to pull guard. Jones threw strikes from the guard of his opponent but almost fell into a triangle. Jones stood, avoiding the hold but quickly dropped back into his opponents guard, looking to strike. Shearin set an armbar and Jones fought to break free. Shearin transitioned to an armbar and quickly got his angle. Jones tried to fight the hold but was unable to break the hold and tapped due to the choke.

WIN: Joseph Shearin wins in round 1 by Triangle Choke.


13) Main Event, for the TOC Lightweight Top Contendership

David Long (2-1, Team SWMA/Wytheville, Va.) vs. Brandon Creed (2-0, Independent/Sparta, N.C.)

Round 1 — Our main event started with no touch as both fighters ran to the center of the cage, rady to strike. Long clinched and threw big knees to the head of Creed. Creed answered with some big knees of his own and pushed his opponent inot the cage. Long went for the takedown but was unable to get it. A second attempt on the takedown and Long was successful. Long landed in side control and landed several punches to Creed before Creed was able to pull guard. Long passed the guard of Creed but Creed was able to make it to his feet. Both threw and creed shot in for a takedown of his own, which he did successfully. Long made it back to his feetbut Creed maintained control and delivered several big knees to Long’s head. Long managed to get free, just long enough to survive the end of the round.

Round 2 — Round 2 began with a clinch, followed by knees from Long. Creed tried for a takedown but ate several more knees for the effort. Long maintained the clinch but was taken down. They quickly made it back to their feet, Long still in control. Long took Creed to the canvas, and took his back. From here, Long delivered blow after blow after blow the the head of Creed. Creed fought as long as possible but was unable to defend the strikes, causing the ref to jump in and stop the fight.

WIN: David Long wins in round 2 by TKO due to strikes.

This brings an end to tonights show. Titans of the Cage will be back at it again in the Spring!